Monday, November 21, 2016


What is in every drop of the rain that makes me feel the emotions of melancholy - a subtle sadness emanating from within? In our lives we are often caught into different situations, some of which test our strength, our courage and our will to survive. There are instances when we feel so down that we can't seem to believe that we can hurdle such obstacles. In those moments, all I could ask is a little help from the rain. That somehow each drop conceals the pain and the sadness and that the true feelings be hidden where no one else would notice.

That is why I love the rain so much. The rain somehow douses the pain. It eases the hurt that is lying in the innermost portion of the heart. It is when it rains that I can freely let go of my tears so that they would not be recognized and that they fall in sync with the raindrops making it seem like a nice moment despite the difficulties. The rain is there hoping to wash away the aches. The rain will be there to take out the hurt and the pain. It may be a way to hide everything but who am I not to succumb to those instances. I don't want people to see me sad and I don't want myself to feel so hopeless and lonely.

The somber mood brought about by the rain helps. Hope that when the raindrops cease from its downpour, the same sad feelings would also put into a stop. I just hope that at the end of every rain, the next few days won't be into hiding anymore. I wish that life after each storm is way much brighter - that one day I can effortlessly flash a smile back into my face.

But for now, thanks for the rain....

- Bluecloud's Confessions

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