Sunday, March 27, 2011


Comedy has been a big draw in Philippine movies in the past few months and the trend just keeps on going. This time it is Anne Curtis, Luis Manzano and the ever so funny Eugene Domingo doing the task of tickling our funny bones.

"Who's That Girl" actually has a not so deep plot and to tell you honestly some of the scenes seem fast tracked or maybe the editing job was not outstanding. But those can be forgiven by the fact that it delivered in making people laugh. Luis and Anne have simple even cutesy funny moments. But the support cast was just hilarious. Starting off with Candy Pangilinan who played Anne's BFF in the movie. She was just wacky and she delivered her lines with gusto. Joy Viado was also another good addition to the cast. She effortlessly utters words and put funny in it. But as usual, the best laughs were elicited by Eugene Domingo. Uge has never failed to make us laugh on each scene. Her portrayal of a bad-ass mom who is willing to take her grudges towards Anne's character was off the hook. She just blabbers anything under the sun then all the people come out bursting in laughter.

Nice but not super. 3 out 5 popcorns.
Credits: Viva Films

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