Saturday, March 12, 2011


Just this Friday, March 11, 2011 an earthquake (magnitude 8.9) followed by a tsunami hit Japan - and it hit them really hard. As of now news accross the globe has pegged the death toll to exceed by 1000 people. While the quakes and tsunamis are not expected to hit the country any time soon, there are still numerous threats being posted in the Japanes region of Tokyo. One of which is the government warning about a small radiation leak from a nuclear reactor whose cooling system was knocked out by the quake.

While Japan has been one of the powehouses in the world, it is well known for having a prett good disaster coordinating system. Yet, the tragic quake and tsunami still found its way in destroying Tokyo and reaping lives away. It was a scary moment the more that it was being shown on TV and news feeds. Even if I am not there, I can feel the horror and fright. During these times of natural disasters, we can only pray.

To all the people accross the globe, all we can do is continuously pray for better days in Japan. The world specially the Japanese people are still at mourn. Hope these days would pass.

Photo Credits: Reuters Kyoto

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