Monday, March 7, 2011


In the past 5 years, I have been a bit adventurous with my hairtyles. I have tried a lot of different do's and experimented on some stuff like colors and even braids. Now, in 2011 I wonder what else I would try. Perhaps have it relaxed or something like that. While I am still looking for a new thing to do with my hair, I just want to get back to how I have made changes to my crowning glory.

Barber's Cut
- Just a plain cut as the usual Filipino guys do. Clean, nice and simple.

Short Spikes
- Hair cut very short and styled up with the use of hair products. Much like making my hair look like spikes.

Colored Hair
- Yup, I tried hair coloring as well. This is courtesy of the great stylists in Vivere Salon. Yup, sort of reddish brown was the best choice for my pitch black hair making my look less firm but a bit softer.

Brushed Down
- No hair products at all. I tried having my hair on a usual brushed down fashion. Lengthy yet still looking good and easy to wear.

Frizz Up
- This is usually the stage when my hair is growing after a shave. I call it frizz up much more like a caterpillar.

Brush Up
- Finger styled hair. This is the style where I usually play with my hair using just my fingers. Sporting a relatively good length of hair and brushing fingers to meet at the middle to form a cone head and troll like hair.

Short Bob
- A bit shorter than the normal barber's cut but still easy to style with mousse or gel. A ready to wear hairstyle even when fresh out of bed.

- After growing my hair a bit, I tried sporting braids. A bit painful at first but still I loved the look. Hell yeah, fashion over comfort.

Long Hair
- Long hair with bangs covering the forehead.

Semikalbo (Shaved)
- My current look. Shaved head but still with hair on it. (not the complete shave). Love this look and makes it easier to move. Aside from the fact that I usually get plus points when I sport this look. A great summer hairstyle.

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