Sunday, March 6, 2011


Recently shown in the Philippines. Burlesque attempted to bring back musicale in the movie landscape. Though it got mixed reviews from critics, I still appreciated and enjoyed the film.

Starring legend Cher and diva Christina Aguilera, "Burlesque" was just the right mix of story, musicality and acting for me. Well, I guess we all have preferences but the film really moved me and engaged me. It has the elements of a real life story where in one tries to find for success. Christina's acting chops was okay and I think she can really improve more if she continues doing movies. Cher was again convincing in her role.

The movie's main selling point is its musical number, sounds and music. This film will have appeal on all audiences. Ladies and gays who love musicals would love the numbers and the songs in this film while the guys accompanying their girlfriends wouldn't mind at all as the outfits and costumes of the "Burlesque" dancers were simply hot. Girls will also have their share of the flesh as main male lead Cam Gigandet showed sexiness to the highest level as well.

I love the songs like "Express", Cher's "You Haven't Seen The Last of Me" and Christina's power ballad "Bound to You". Not a film masterpiece but still a remarkable one. 4 out 5 popcorns.

Photo Credits: Yahoo Movies

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