Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yes! KFC Philippines makes another hit with the introduction of a well loved global sandwich - The KFC Double Down. Yes, it is finally here in the Philippines.

I have tasted this sumptous treat from KFC and all I felt was dining bliss. A tad salty maybe but overall it was just plain munching. Your KFC Double Down is a sandwich with no bread but all meat! Yes, you heard it right. I loved how they combined the ingredients. There's 2 strips of bacon (pork), a slice of cheese, mayonnaise as its dressing all sandwiched by two big slabs of KFC's Original Recipe Chicken.

Problem was most of the KFC stores are usually sold out with this new hot item. If I were you better grab them as early as possible. Wondering about the prices? It's PHP 100 sold ala carte. When served with drinks, you'll pay PHP 115 and grab it with coleslaw and drinks and you'll shelve out PHP 135. Not bad. For something as tasty and stomach stuffing meal, the prize is not bad at all. Try it now!

Photo Credits: KFC Philippines Facebook Page(top), my pic (bottom)

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