Saturday, December 31, 2011


Oh my God! The years truly flip so fast. I feel that I am getting much older. Hehehe. With my pamangkins growing up and growing past me in height (whew), I could only reminisce the days when they were all still young. To my not-so-small anymore bundles of joys, all I could wish is for the best. Thanks for always making me smile every time we meet and I go home. Your smiles are true gifts from heaven.

Raisa, you are growing up to be a fine lady. Always take care and be good. You have God-given talents that you should continuously nourish and share with others. Make them hear an angel's voice and for sure they'll see a unique lady growing up.

Gabriel, yours is a gift of sports. Take good care and always be at your best in basketball and in every thing you do as well. You have the charm and charisma of a future heartthrob. Make sure you use that wisely. Love your parents more and always be good.

Catherine, I will now cease calling you Kat as you are turning into a very beautiful teenager already. I know you have the brains to back up the beauty. One thing I can just wish is that for you to spread your wings further and lessen the shyness. You are nice and kind so no need to be shy.

Gianne, you are the youngest but you are the most charming and sweetest. You never fail to touch my heart as you have remained close to me. Stay as bubbly and wonderful as you are and keep striving for the best in your studies. Always take care of lola for me.

To my pamangkins, I love you so much. Happy 2012.

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