Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 is a bitter sweet year for me with the passing of my father early this May. But still you will forever remain in my heart. To my ever loving parents, thanks for always believing and for constantly loving me as your son. I may not be together with you for most of the time but you know that I love you as much as you do.

Tatay, I know you're in good hands right now. We sorely miss you but at least the idea that there are no more pains and sufferings puts a smile into our faces. Mahal na mahal namin kayo. Every single thing about you is nice and wonderful. You may have not been the perfect father but for me you have been the best. It was somehow sad to celebrate your birthday and the past Christmas without you. But hey at least we know you're still within us - safely etched in our hearts.

Nanay, take care always. You are the only reason why I keep coming back to Batangas. I love you so much and you know all I want is for your happiness. 2011 is an odd year and somehow brought some of the more painful memories we can recall but I admire you for your strength. You stayed as strong as ever and kept us afloat. I love you very much nanay. Stay healthy and happy. I'll be here always for you.

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