Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 was my year of rebound and it would have not been possible with one very special person i have in my life - my bestfriend. We have been best of friends since 2009 and since then we have been like brothers. It is true that along one's life journey, there are people you get to meet not knowing that they will form a big part of their lives.

Chris was not just a friend. He's a confidant, a best pal, a brother, a critic and father (hahahah) and sometimes though he's older than me, like a baby boy. That's what makes him extra special. He is someone who truly sees the beauty in people and life in general however difficult things may be. He never ceased to stay true and loyal. He was a constant believer in me. One way or another he has changed some things in me that I never thought I could alter.

May 2012 serve as a better year for you, bes. 2011 was good except for some minor bumps along the way. But with a superman attitude that you have, I know everything is possible. Just believe in yourself and remember that I'll always be here as well. Notice that most of the pics are taken from resto, fast food chains or coffee shops? Hahahaha. Because your appetite is as big as your heart! Thanks bes!

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