Thursday, December 1, 2011


I differentiated a personal blog from a blog about a person. Most of the time people think that if they blog they need one specific genre to focus on - Fashion, arts, entertainment etc. But what if you have all of those interests. rather than spending bunch of times doing separate blogs, i think it's but wise to have a catch-all blog. Bluecloud's Confessions is one of those. I am a person of diverse interest. I like a lot of stuff from the nothingness of things to the flavorful tastes of food, the colors of nature and the glitz and glamour of fashion and entertainment.

Again, it is not necessary that my blog is just about me and my random ramblings. It is a summary of the things that I do and I like because without all these stuff I won't be complete. That's what makes this blog more personal than others. I write about the things I really like not just to impress people but to share with them a part of me and my personality.

This is me Jericho or Bluecloud, whatever you may call me. Thanks for continuously reading on the wonderful pages of my blog. :)

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