Saturday, December 31, 2011


Aside from very loving parents, I am so lucky to have 2 sisters who are always there for me. My 2 ates have been the best through the years. Although my age gap with them is a bit big (7 and 11 years), we still find common interests and we bond like we're of the same age. 2011 is a recovery year for me and they have always been beside me and uplifts my spirits when at times they seem like they are slowly dwindling down.

Ate Mel, you have showed strength beyond compare. Silent as you may be, you were the one that constantly tells me not to give up despite all the challenges. I know 2012 shows glimpses of greatness for you. Good luck on your new home. I know all of us will miss you but this is a great step for you to make your life much better. Ate, I love you so much and thank you for everything. May you continue to reap blessings and good fortune for you and your family (Kuya Roy and Kat) in the new year to come.

Ate Rose, your smiles and laughter truly helped me in seeing life as very wonderful place. You make it a point to solve and face problems on a light note which is something I admire about you. I don't know how you manage to take care of your 3 kids together with Ryan but you are doing one heck of a job. Thank you for always believing and making me feel I'm important and wonderful. Your love truly sets me free. For 2012, may you, Kuya Ryan, Raisa, Gabo and Gianne continue to sow happiness and good fortune.

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