Saturday, December 17, 2016


After the big controversy that rattled the MMFF for this year in which regular names and movie franchises were unceremoniously excluded from the film fest. A lot of the films that were excluded moved their playdates early which includes the Vice Ganda and Coco Martin starrer The Super Parental Guardians.

Comedy is surely one powerful media and in that it draws a lot of attention and also brings a lot of money as families flock the movie cinemas to watch the movie and have a great time laughing. That being said SPG made a dent on the comedic feel but other than that, the film may have lacked some feels of a great movie. Vice and Coco's chemistry is commendable as well which makes it a great scene to watch. Form is good but substance is where the film suffers one way or another. Breakthrough child stars Awra Briguela and Onyok Pineda performed well beyond expectations.

The plot seems to be all familiar and the jokes and antics look like a normal Vice Ganda gig at comedy bars, this time a bit more reserved to cater the much broader audience. In its effort to be both current and entertaining, it takes out the notion of whatever is happening in society. The film is not interested in actually being a black comedy or a political antic or a rowdy satire. It's main focus was just to be entertaining thus in the process using whatever antics familiar to the public just to elicit laughs and giggles.

Joyce Bernal as a director was good but this is for me her weakest movie to date. Overall, one can still indulge in the laughter of comedy with this movie but do it with caution. The Super Parental Guardians is neither good nor bad, just normal.

6 out of 10 popcorns.

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