Friday, December 9, 2016


Pinoy Boyband Superstar is on its last episode and after tonight the 5 young boys who will form part of the newest boyband in the Philippines will be known. Of the 7 remaining contestants, each one has their own strengths and charisma but for me I have the 5 guys I think will be part of the Top 5. I really though Allen should have been there as well but for the remaining boys, here are my choices.

1. Tony Labrusca
- Tony has been my constant favorite from Day 1. His voice is one of the stronger ones in the batch and he certainly has the moves. For me he has the best looks on the guys remaining. His presence is very high and he has that certain charisma that makes people wanna watch more of him. He seems to be tailor fit for the collegiate girls and has a certain aura of class in him.

2. Joao Constancia
- What I like in Joao is that he gives his all in every performance he does. He is a bundle of energy and one that makes every performance his own. He may not have the best voice or the best moves and even not the best looking in the batch, but he has the ability to make himself stand out. His noticeable charm is one that really makes him above the others.

3. Niel Murillo
- This youngster is one of the guys that seems to have the most fanbase. Arguably one of the fan favorites, Niel has the charms that is needed for a boy band. His youth makes it a plus factor for him to connect with the younger audience. And he can certainly make girls scream their hearts out with his performances.

4. Mark Oblea
- His bad boy image looks is something that can be really used well in the boyband. He can be the guy that everyone loves to hate. But aside from that he has all the chops that has the making of a star. He has the moves and also the voice that can bode well to his advantage.

5. Russell Reyes
- Russell is one of the steady performers. Day in day out he delivers with good performances and that can be of good use in forming the boy band. Someone that has talent, desire and consistency is a plus. But you can never take away from him that he can certainly make girls scream for more.

Pinoy Boyband Superstar boasts of a diverse set of judges from the original heartthrob Aga Muhlach, Pop Rock Superstar Yeng Constantino, K-Pop sensation Sandara Park and the Unkabogable Superstar Vice Ganda. It is hosted by Billy Crawford. Whoever forms part of the Top 5 is definitely destined for success as they seem to really love what they are doing and that with proper training and exposure, I am sure they will do well.

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