Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Sometimes things must meet their inevitable end. And for one great designer the time has certainly come. One of the rising fashion designers of this time, Charles Kenneth Anito has surely made his mark in the biz. From his humble beginnings doing modeling and photoshoots up to the times of him starting in smaller fashion shows as a designer, he has certainly grown up to be a great one. His star is just starting to shine so bright.

With numerous appearances in different shows more notably the Philippine Fashion Week, the once budding designer has shown the entire nation that he is something special. Most of his close friends believe in his great potential and that he can truly succeed not just because of sheer talent but also of a great attitude and personality. He has heart and passion for his craft making it a great masterpiece on his every creation.

But sadly, his journey ends this year as one of the best young designers today has bid his farewell to all of us. He is not just going for a trip or a vacation but he is going for good. A lot of people were shocked that such a young talent bite the dust too early and that a lot of hearts were crushed with his early death. But sometime even the brightest stars face some dimmer days. And for Kenneth, it is not till we meet again but instead it is a goodbye.

We will surely miss such a great guy - one  who is not just beautiful outside but more so beautiful inside. His purest of hearts and greatest of emotions will be one that people will miss a lot. Sad but true, Kenneth is amongst the angels watching us already. To where you may be, thanks for the great times you have given us... We will miss you...

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