Friday, December 23, 2016


Yearly, The Ayala Triangle Gardens is lit with great lights and filled with wonderful sounds that spells Christmas. Children and adults alike flock in groups just to watch the spectacle and feel the wonders of the Holiday season. It has been a yearly tradition already and this time around I am with my sister and two lovely niece. We enjoyed the show as if it brought out the inner children in all of us. As usual the Triangle is filled with quite a lot of people who are just enjoying Christmas at its finest. Truly a wonder to watch!

This year's Festival of Lights is actually the 6th edition of this well loved annual event. This is set to run until January 8 from 6 PM to 10 PM on 30 minutes interval. Children, friends, family and just everyone else are surely enjoying this wonderful night.

With every smile comes a great message of how wonderful this time of the year is. But for us we need to always remember that the feeling of joy and togetherness should not only be felt during Christmas but all throughout the year. Love and smiles can vibrantly send great vibes to everyone. And what a great way to spend this season but of course with our loved ones.

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