Friday, December 23, 2016


2016 was a year for my recovery - a year when I have slowly but surely recuperated from almost everything. And after a great year where I saw myself re-established, I am surely eager to get 2017 on going.

Starting things up is the relaunch of this well loved blog - Bluecloud's Confessions. Since November it has provided my platform to actually get back on track and see the whole world with a brand new gusto and excitement. The new year will surely be more things to write, to share and more great thoughts to ponder. Bluecloud's Confessions would only be the beginning of more things to come. As from here will span my child blogs on travel, food and a whole lot more.

Jericho Alay/ Photographer is back and this time it will be for more. As I scout the nation and even the world for great models to shoot, I will be reimagining some old shoots and will be republishing previous shots from different models. With more than 400+ models already a part of my photography folio, all I can wish for is for more in the coming 2017.

Sweet Cravings will be going full throttle as well as I will continue to learn and experiment more recipes for everyone. 2016 saw my staple Chocolate Cupcakes and Cherry Cheesecake Brownie take centerstage as a it has served quite a number of people already. 2017 seems poised for more.

Travel Best Brothers is a re-injected and rejuvenated drive for my love of travel. This time I will try to roam the nation in search for great locations, sites and discovering a lot of new culture along the way. In 2017, I will pursue my desire to finish all destinations inside Philippines and also rekindling my desire of travelling abroad. Places, Faces, Food and Love for Travel.

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