Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In this fast paced world we are in today, Social Networking sites are forming a big part of our daily lives. There's Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Friendster, Blogger. Wordpress, Multiply and a whole lot of other networking sites. Often times we turn to these sites to share emotions much like an online diary. We also do stuff here like announcements of reunions, events or anything under the sun. Some also use to join contest, promote sites and even sell products. While for most, these sites serve as a way to gain more friends, acquaintances and networks.

But while this is becoming a regular thing for us, we should always think that what we post reflects who we are. We should be held responsible for the things we utter and things we tell since what we type in and post is gonna be seen not just by our friends but the entire Philippines and even the whole world. Take for example the mistweet of "Tim Yap" on the lotto winner just few days back. A wrong post or misinformed tweet could lead to a chaotic life for those who will be affected. We should know what to post and which ones not.

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