Saturday, December 4, 2010


Sony's booth at the SM Mall Of Asia is truly making lots of noises. It attracts a lot of people from all ages as it features the latest versions of Sony's endless gadgets. There are the digicams, the DSLRs, the Sony Vaio Laptops, Bravia, component and home entertainment systems.

But the products that were surely grabbing a lot of attention are the Sony Playstation diplays. There are areas designated to showcase new PSP games and gaming experience. People get to try their 3D Gaming via Grand Turismo 5. It was a nice try as you get to see the street track of Grand Turismo in big screen TV while driving like a true blue racer.

Another one that really made it nice time at the Sony Booth is the new Sony Move intended for PS3. Though Sony Move is more like Wii's controllers it is still a nice welcome as you can play some non-kid games in PS3. Unlike Wii which is more intended for kids and sports stuff, teens would be enjoying Sony Move as it has some sword fighting titles that you can play.

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  1. I was in MOA last week and I didn't see this. But good job for SONY for having this :)



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