Thursday, December 2, 2010


With a very good 2010 in her, Charice is just continuously showing she is fast becoming a star in the US. She is currently included in 2 year-ending charts - one from Yahoo and one from Entertainment Weekly. And to show her diversity, she is included in 2 categories - one for TV and one for music.

It makes me really smile everytime I hear Charice on the news and these 2 new polls have shown a lot of people are knowing ang liking Charice. Yahoo has released several year-ender Top 10 lists and one of which is for "Most Iressistible Lyrics for 2010". Our very own Charice lands in at No. 4 for her song "Pyramid". This is a wonderful feat for this song. What's next? A Grammy perhaps? Let's keep our fingers crossed. The people she trails on that list? - Bieber, Eminem and Rihanna, Lady Gaga. Nuff said. She's bound for more success.

And on TV, she has created quite a buzz as well in 2010. She was named by Entertainment Weekly as No. 7 in the "Best Guest Star List of Glee". Her appearance in the first episode of Glee truly was a revelation and she gained more fans in the process. I just wished she gets more appearances in the show.

To Charice, congrats on all the accolades. Keep it up and we, Filipinos will always support you!

Photo Credits: Yahoo

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