Thursday, December 2, 2010


Four big words that has actually made a big part of me in the past 2 years. Dream... Nightmare... Reality... Life...

I am a relative dreamer. The stars seems to always fascinate me. I love to go up and be known, be famous, be affluent and become the best in my chosen field. I was way up there and doing fine when I was working with this wonderful company before. For people who has known me for quite a while, they know what company it is. All the stuff are going my way. I am paid really good and I have lots of other benefits that really flooded me everyday. It was happy and wonderful. Never thought that all of which can be zapped into oblivion. DREAM

My health and my parent's health as well failed me. They are sickly but I could not do anything as I became sickly as well. I lost a career. My road to success did not just got a u-turn but a complete road bloak along the way. It struck me that no one knows if he/she is gonna be hit by sickness. There I was - painfully trapped into a heart ailment. I could see everything fading away. I have lost a lot - friends, money, self-belief and all. My debt started to pile up and got tangled into a lot of financial woes. It was the worst that it could get. NIGHTMARE

I fought my way to go out of my sickness. I went into a series of therapies and thankfully has been given a new breath of life. But recovery was rather painful and difficult. With only the few trusted ones beside me and the dwindling cash on hand, all I could do is scuttle my way back and try to live each day as it pass by. REALITY

Struggles here and there, tears, pain... Name it and I experiences it in the past 2 years. The year 2010 is nearing its close and I hope the new year will spell a new brightness into my shrouded life. Oftentimes I want to give up but my family, my best friend and some of the few people I am close constantly help and make their way to ensure I'll be fine. I'm getting by the day - channeling my energy into writing and doing things that I like while I try to get back to work. That's the beauty of it, we get to the top, we fall to the bottom, sometimes even falling deeper than the rear but there's always chance to go up once again. LIFE

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