Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Results have been overwhelming and all I can say is thank you for everything. Since I started my return to blogging last August 1, 2010, I have received some good comments and a steady growth with my website. As of today, I have registered 33 followers already (public), not sure if there are any private followings.

For that I used WebStat starting August 15, 2010 and tried to look for details of visits to my blog. To my surprise, for the 2 days I have tracked, I have registered 74 page views already coming from 22 visitors. More appealing is the fact that page views do not come solely from the Philippines. While visits from the region are more, it is to note that visitors coming from USA, Ireland, Singapore, Kuwait, UAE and Great Britain are also present. It means my blog somehow reaches global audience. It is a good thing as I really intend to share my blog to everyone there is regardless of location.

Again, for all of these, thank you. May you continue following, reading and spreding the word about my blog.

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