Tuesday, September 21, 2010


There is really something magical with Disneyland. I have been at the Hongkong Disneyland for 2 times already and still it has not failed to amaze me with all its color, music and grandeur.

In it, you unleash the inner youth in you. Who says Disneyland is just for kids? It is for everyone. What's utterly nice is one will surely enjoy its stay in the theme park - from entrance to exit, from start till end. Even the train going to the island was wonderful with lots of Disney figurines and Mickey Mouse windows. The rides were simply breathtaking and gorgeous. You'll find one that's suited for you despite your age and your likes. I enjoyed every single bit of the rides and sights but I have personal favorites that I would certainly return to if ever given the chance.

Topping the list of rides for me is the thrilling "Space Mountain" - the dark, cold and truly breathtaking indoor rollercoaster. Well, I did scream a lot but it was a blast. For the inner child in me, I also liked "It's A Small World" specially the portion where the song was translated to Filipino. Makes me proud of who I am. I had fun with Buzz Lightyear's "Astro Blasters". The Jungle Cruise was also nice and I get to try it on daytime and nightime. I enjoyed the night ride better as the sound effects and visuals were more creepy than during the day. And while you're at it, it is also a good thing to catch the "Philharmagic" where you'll have 4D cinematic experience. Have the 3D ambiance of the screen plus the feel of the actual scenes from jumps, water splashes and air blows.

Visiting the several shops for some souvenirs was also a blast. They have it all from shirts, magnets and key chains. I had for myself keychains, magnets and a jacket. And it will never be a complete experience if you did not grab any pics together with the Disney characters. Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the Disney gang are just taking turns in sharing a spot in everyone's photos.

Disneyland will always have a special part in my heart. It makes me child even for a while. During times when things aren't going okay, it helps to feel the youthfulness and innocence of a child. That and a whole lot of fun and surprises is what Disneyland is all about. Till my next trip.

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