Sunday, August 14, 2011


Our movie review for the week takes us back to one 2007 film. I am not shy to confess that I only got to watch this one just this month. And to tell you honestly, I think I missed a lot. While there are several Mario Maurer news specially his upcoming visit here in the Philippines for his endorsement with local clothing line Penshoppe, it's good to go back to one of his more successful films - The Love of Siam.

"The Love of Siam" dates back from 2007. Then 18 year old Maurer stars in this touching gay-themed romantic drama that shows how genuine love can be. The movie has a telling storyline that shows us that love does not limit us from any age or gender. The strength of the script and the film as a whole was shown as it dominated the awards season in Thailand in 2007 picking up Best Picture in almost all award giving bodies. What makes this film work is the subtle take it did regarding gay love. It showed that love in the purest and most innocent of forms. The love from Mew (Witwisit Hiranyawongkul) and Tong (Mario Maurer) is truly impeccable and surreal. I applaud the film for tackling such sensitive topic and make it simple and not controversial.

The director did a great job in making us feel that both the actors love each other. That bodes well to both our lead actors as they really did shine in their separate portrayals. Witwisit's portrayal of Mew was magnificent as he showed a fragile yet true lover who only sees life a nice and wonderful. Mario's take on Tong was equally impressive as he was a picture of uncertainty yet showing a deep love of Mew.

The subplots were also good and did not interfere with the main story of the film. I also applaud how well the cinematography of the film was. Also to be noted is the nice music and sound effects translating the film into a sort of fairy tale love story. The movie's ending leaves us hanging and wanting for more. What happened after. Here's hoping that a sequel gets green lighted so that we can once again join the journey of Mew and Tong. We are reminded to let go and don't be afraid to love. But also we should instill in our minds that when we love we should always have the serenity to let go.

This one's a 5 out 5 popcorns!

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