Sunday, November 27, 2011


Blankness oftentimes brings silence and in silence we often find solace...

In the stillness of things, the existence of non-existence often creeps me. More often than not, I feel that life has been so cruel to me. Sadness is but a normal thing but i don't know, tears just keeps on falling down. I don't know if I have a factory of tears in my eyes that it never fails to cease. Everytime I feel sad or depressed the window always comes to the rescue - not that I want to jump out and finally put an end to this misery. The window serves as my guiding light. It shows me how much big the world is - how much colorful and wonderful though complex. 

Even as I stare on the blankness of things, it does make me feel better. It clears the clutter that is inhabiting my one-kind-of-a-mess mind. It adds peace to my beleaguered heart. It takes me out of the dark place and the light emanating from outside the window clears me off setting me out of the light once more. 

Life is difficult but the window always reminds me of things. Silence, Solace, Blankness, Peace....

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