Saturday, November 20, 2010


Men all over the world gather once more to best one another and become the hottest of them all. The Mister International 2010 pageant is currently being held in Indonesia today, November 20, 2010 with 40 contestants including our very own, Raphael Carlos.

Before they officially declare the winners, I'll share the top 10 guys that I feel have chances of winning the title this year. Hope Philippines do well.

1. Indonesia - Thomas Sebastian
2. Czech Republic - Jan Pochobradsky
3. Ireland - Darragh Hayes
4. Brazil - Caio Lucius Ribeiro
5. Bosnia - Adis Topalovic
6. Great Britain - Ryan Terry
7. Colombia - Juan Pablo Mejia
8. Philippines - Raphael Carlos
9. Guatemala - Mario Gilberto Barroquin
10. Venezuela - Francisco Sanchez

Photo Credits: Mister International Website

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