Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Fuzzy wires are usually used for scrap booking but I never thought that these would look good even as it is. My niece, Catherine has recently become fond of creating different figures using fuzzy wires. She is a genuinely creative girl and it has been showing with the way she has shaped all those wires.

Angels, people, hearts and anything else that looks good with the eyes. She makes it look like easy. I guess she when you really love things that you are doing, the results would really show. She's a bundle of joy and happiness and she loves her family by much. You can see how nice she is and how she pictures life as something colorful and wondeful. Aside from her artistic skills she is one intelligent girl usually in the top 10 of her class and joins several academic contests. She has quite a lot already.

Hope she creates more of these beautiful creations and let people see for them to know how nice life and arts truly is. Love you Katkat. A picture of Catherine Roi Barre is shown below.


  1. cool.. makes me want to get those fuzzy wires for myself..

  2. thanks for the visit juicekodai. they are indeed nice and what makes me appreciate it more is that it is my niece that did those stuff



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