Monday, August 1, 2011


Marvel has been prepping up for the grand showing of its newest superhero team flick "The Avengers" in 2012. And as part of which 2 superheroes on that team get to taste what it's like in the big screen. While "Thor" has already impressed some of the fans, it's now the turn of "Captain America".

I did not put this film on my to watch list for 2011 but needless to say since there was quite a buzz on it and I am really into watching movies, I joined the bandwagon and watched this flick. Captain America shows us what separates heroes from villains. They may have same abilities and powers but a true superhero has a heart so much as what is with Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans). While playing a hero is not new to Evans as he previously played Human Torch in the Fantastic Four series, his character in Captain America is a much more subdued and calm person.

The movie treats us back to the 40s where the Nazis thrive and Hitler was a hit. But this time with a twist. German soldiers with high-tech machines and seemingly magical powers. It was somehow an awkward combination which makes me think what am I watching? The cinematography was okay and the sepia film for the film did work but other than that, I did not feel any great attachment to this movie. The story was just okay and occasionally takes out the spotlight from our main hero. However, Chris Evans did a good job on having a good screen presence each time he appears on a scene. And man, he did well portraying both the stickyard and the hunky Steve Rogers. The effects were commendable specially during Chris Evans "thin" days and Red Skull's prosthetic. It did well in making people anticipate for the Avengers film but alone, its not much to really marvel. 4 out of 5 popcorns 

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