Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today is August 11 and one special person is celebrating a very wonderful day. It's my sister's birthday! So I was thinking of actually giving something nice to her but could not think of anything possible. And so I decided to give her something different - a greeting in my blog.

I won't be telling how old my sister is but I could only share great things about her. She is the eldest in our family and she has been there from day one up to now - supporting problems, heeding weeping hearts and of course sharing laughs and smiles. She may be quiet at times and usually being mistaken as snobbish or "mataray" but she is not in reality. She only knows how to deal with people on how they treat her. It's like a bread for a bread and a stone for a stone.

Ate Mel is one strong sister. She usually does not show emotions and generally hides them - that is the prize of being the eldest as you need to show a strong face always. She has been ever supportive in all things that I do. She never gave up on me and she is always a big inspiration.

Not just a loving sister but she is one great human being who values family by much. Having already married with one kid, she has shown that she's willing to do all for her family's sake may it be crashing some of the things he want. He is one persona of sacrifice. She finds happiness in seeing her loved ones happy.

On this very special day of yours, I can only wish you continuous grace and the best in all things that would come in your way. I love you, Ate Mel! Happy Birthday!!!

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