Monday, August 22, 2011


Philippines has another thing to be proud of. Two of its very own talents are now part of the Musical series "The Kitchen Musical" which is about to air in Singapore and all other Asian countries. And those two will not just play bit parts but form part of the triumvirate of leads for the said series. Karylle stars as Sous Chef Maddie and Christian Bautista stars as Sous Chef Daniel Ray. "The Kitchen Musical" combines the elements of music, cooking and dramedy to juice up a wonderful dish for television.

Aside from the great singers, 3 other Filipinos are in the cast Thou Reyes, Ikey Canoy and Art Acuna who plays Avilon's General Manager. The other lead star who plays the Executive Chef is Stephan Rahman Hughes of Bombay Dreams. One other cast member who is poised to make some noise is Rosemary Vanderbroucke who is Selena, Avilon's cunning Sommelier.

While most of the people thought it is Glee-like, well one would think otherwise when they see the preview to the series. I am so excited to finally watch it soon. In the Philippines, everyone could watch it in ABS-CBN and in Studio 23 in the coming months. Stay tuned for announcements. While for the rest of Asia, it will start airing under AXN by October 15 in 18 territories. Here's a teaser of the first episode! Enjoy!

Videos: Property of The Group Entertainment
Photos: The Kitchen Musical Facebook Page

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