Monday, August 22, 2011


When this movie was announced to be released in 2011, there were already huge amounts of buzz as the film will join together two big names in the industry namely Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. And the interest just peaked when they released their trailers showing a what could be an action packed sci-fi outing. But did it live to the expectations?

I watched Cowboys & Aliens and all I could say is that it was good but not great. Cowboys and aliens just really don't mix well for me. The visuals and the seemingly fast paced trailer induced me to watch the film but other than that, the entire film did not really excite me. The beginning of the film was good as it capitalizes with the Western genre and the cowboy feel much to the fitting of Daniel and Harrison's character. Then it starts to become chaotic as the scenes just continue popping and popping. There was never a real momentum to build character therefore the movie stars did not actually grab limelight. The main selling point of this flick is the gun busting battles of the aliens and the cowboys. Yiha! And who would have thought the yiha boys would win? What, for real?

Jon Favreau missed on this one unlike his iconic Iron Man movie. And the fact that Steven Spielberg was even part of this film raised expectations but did not deliver. Each scene was just put into patches never really explaining how things happened, what things meant and what the actual emotions were. The storyline was boring and lacked pinnacle points. Save for the nice location and the lead stars presence on this film, nothing much is offered. And the aliens looked bizaare, more like gooey and not frightening. Overall, this one's a 2.5 out 5 popcorns

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