Wednesday, August 31, 2011


What if we are destined to lose the person we value the most? Will we fight back and continue yearning for that bond? Or would it be wiser to let them go?

It's a given dilemma for most of us to fall in love and then have roadblocks along the way. The difficulty is when we say it's over. It's not easy to end something so wonderful. Loving someone takes time to really blossom but I guess calling it off just takes one moment - although its aftermath could take a lifetime. I don't know if it is better to fight or let go. When the person you love is in a status of uncertainty, how long will one hold on to the emotions? I guess I have waited long enough. I tried my best to hold on but time to move in separate ways. It has been years of wonderful memories and fond experiences - things forever etched in my heart. Those are priceless stuff nothing could ever replace.

If everything else is saying that it's time to stop - maybe it is really the right time. I don't want to lose that person. I don't want to leave but I need to. Though it pains me by much, the end of our journey is already reached. I'm letting go. As to how I would move on and how my next few days would be, I am not sure. I'll just cherish the memories. Gloomy Wednesday everyone...

Song: "The Art Of Letting Go" by Mikaila

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