Monday, August 1, 2011


Just as promised, I'll be doing features on several male and female hotties starting this August. I'll try to feature 2-3 hotties per week. Your week starter hottie every Monday, your weekender blazer every Friday and your weekend burner every Saturday or Sunday. So here's the first one for you on the distaff side. Enter Ellen Adarna.

The name was already a famous name in the web as the proverbial socialite from Cebu who does the rounds of clubs and parties in the metro. She beacme famous even before she is formally introduced. Her numerous sexy pictures in the web including her many bogus Facebook accounts were hits for guys and even for girls alike.

Now, she's slowly making her presence felt in showbizness as she landed roles in Bubble Gang and the now-defunct Captain Barbell. She spelled sexy with ease as she also lands in the FHM's Top 100 for the first time leapfrogging to Number 10. Need I say more?

Photo Credits: FHM

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