Monday, August 1, 2011


I kinda miss my childhood when all the days seem just simple and so nice. Thinking of that, I often wish those days would just be back. Being a child makes it a wonderful feeling to live - no complexities, no issues, less frills, no hassles - just being young and bubbly. 

The sweet smiles of a youngster – emanating from the energy overflowing from the depths of a pure heart… It is oftentimes relaxing and wonderful to see a child – a human project in progress filled with positivity and all the nice things you could imagine. That brimming smile from one’s face spells innocence. That innocence is sometimes what each one of us, adults, desperately search and yearn to get back in us. You can see the simplicity of life from one child’s eyes – clearly saying that life is nice, it is happy to live and everything is gonna be okay. The subtleness of those eyes combined with the sweetness of a child’s smile spells life in its happiest state.

I hope that as each of us grow old, mature and develop into the human projects we are all being processed into, we from time to time revisit and remember our childhood. We must constantly bring out the innocence and purity of one’s heart. It is a wonderful memory for sure. When all seems so peaceful, serene, simple and nice… These memories would give us the necessary energy we need to stay positive and live life as simple as possible. These are instances which we should always go back when we feel everything around us is going haywire. Oh, never would have I thought that being a child is something I would want to last long. If only we could remain as children… or at least have a continuous grasp of that innocence… If only…

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