Thursday, November 10, 2011


Design Fusion and Vision & Trends is usually one of the shows where people could see out of the box designs that borders couture, futuristic, playful and avant garde. One of the designers to stand out in this edition of the Philippine Fashion Week SS 2012 is Enrico Carado.

Enrico focused on a theme: Tortured Souls, from which his designs saw a mix of inticate and detailed sets combined with head accessories much akin to Lady Gaga. The strength on his designs lied on the details. Such designs were carefully crafted into one perfect ensemble. The overlapping of different materials within one dress is very much evident and done on a very precise way. Despite the mixture on the materials, Enrico was able to bring out the sexiness of the human body done in a bit of uniqueness. The head accessories brought a new dimension to his design putting emphasis to his theme. But take the haunting head pieces and you actually have a great set of dresses where ladies would definitely wear on an occasion. Overall, the ensemble was a powering display of Enrico's great talent in design and conceptualization. Great job, Enrico!

Photo Credits: Enrico Carado Facebook Page/Bruce Casanova

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