Sunday, November 6, 2011


Human really surprised me in this edition of the Philippine Fashion Week. After their colorful set to start the show, they came back once more on the stage to put us into awe. Presenting - Black Human.

This time, their sets are filled with black pieces which turns fashion runway into edgy yet fashionable showcase. Layered pieces were also evident in Human's show with cuts and overlaps on the clothes. The use of accessories was once again made to the best advantage as they add accent to the black pieces. I generally like the colorful glasses/eyewears and even the masks. They give a different feel to the rugged and edgy collection.

Overall, this set is a marvel to watch. The opposites of texture and color really did well to make the collection a stand-out. I'd love to have those glasses for myself and even the clothes that were showcased on it. Fashionably edgy with a dabble of fun.

Photo Credits: Style Bible Ph/Yayay De Castro

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