Monday, November 28, 2011


It just came to my knowledge that your beloved blog and my baby - "Bluecloud's Confessions has been named one of the finalists in the "Reader's Choice" category of the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards. I am so happy and ecstatic for such recognition. Please do vote for my blog.

Here is how to vote:
1. Click on the link below:
2. Then click "Like"

That's as easy as it can get. So please do vote for me! Thanks in advance.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats for being a finalist.

    I also started a blog just a few days ago (transferred early posts out from my Facebook account), So maybe you could give a noobie some pointers on how to improve it. I am tied between making it humorous, serious or combination of both. I am also confused if I should make the topics a detailed analysis (which would make me out-of-date because I need to compile all the pertinent facts first) or just spur of the moment bite-size commentaries to make it easier to recall and not very tedious to read. The problem is, there is so much information that I wish to share, a single paragraph would not be enough. I am also arguing with myself If I want to be preachy and opinionated or just tell the story as a third party observer. One thing I wouldn’t want to take out is my penchant for adding my own personalized illustration or graphics. As you could easily deduct, I am still searching for an idendity to call uniquely my own and not just a clone or imitation of another blog. Thanks and more power to you, guys. ..and by the way,I am not after any award or recognition. I just want to learn how to bring out the best in me. Thanks again.



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