Tuesday, November 22, 2011


And yet the box-office record has once again been shattered. This time the Vice Ganda-starrer comedy "Praybeyt Benjamin" stormed ahead all local movies and not just for this year but also for all-time. This film has hilarious written all over it. Though filled with a lot of cast, it never failed to highlight Vice Ganda and his unkabogable punchlines. As usual the comedic timing of Vice is impeccable and truly outstanding.

The storyline may be the usual Filipino film about family and all but with the comedic feel this movie has, one could barely recognize the simplicity of the story. The supporting cast were all good but did not really steal the limelight for Vice which is one good thing about this movie. While many sees this film as akin to Mulan (child getting in battle for his/her family), it has its own appeal. The difficulty Benjamin's character encounters mirrors that of the real setting wherein gays are not readily acceptable. The film triumphed in saying that even gays could do things that would really make people proud moreso their own families.

One thing that is unforgettable about this film are the lines Vice delivers. The now-famous "Di Ba Pwedeng ___ Muna?" lines are just hilarious but also instills in each one of us that we should never do typecasts or be judgementals. Jimmy Santos and Eddie Garcia are pillars in the movie industry and has once again shown in this film that they are really good. The rest of the soldiers really fit to their roles from downward dumb (DJ Durano), nerd (Kean Cipriano) and hot (Derek Ramsay). For sure, you'll have a laugh of your lives in this film. 4 out of 5 popcorns.

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  1. Not recommended for hardcore movie critics.



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