Thursday, November 10, 2011


Derick Hibaler
One of the country's top jeans designer Derick Hibaler also graced the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012 as part of the Premiers Collection. His rocking persona once more was accentuated with his collection of plaid and cowboys shirts paired with his trademark jeans and undergarments. He also featured some designs for girls which were primarily focused on tight dresses and bodycons.

Model Derick Hubalde
Photo Enrico Dc

Model James Zablan
Photo Enrico Dc

Photo Enrico Dc
What separates Derick from the other designers is his willingness to commit to his craft. He is not one of those that constantly follow trends but instead deals more on personal choices. His set provides us the spunk and attitude while being likable and wearable at the same time. The colors may be more on blue, gray, brown and black but he did a masterful job in playing with these basic colors coming up with  good ensemble of clothes.

Model Ram Sagad
Photo Enrico Dc

Photo Enrico Dc
Some of the familiar models who did the catwalk were hotties Derick Hubalde, James Zablan, Phil;ipe Escalambre and Ram Sagad to name a few. Overall Derick;s Premiere Collection was relatively good - not the best I've seen from him but still a cut above the rest.

Photo Credits: Enrico Dc

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