Friday, November 11, 2011


It was somehow a daunting task to open a show in the Philippine Fashion Week and for this year that task is on Bo Parcon's shoulder for the Design Fusions show. And what a way to kick start it but with a bang. Bo's set is entitled "Religion and Sin". His collection really brought shivers to my spine and gave me goosebumps. His white ensemble did not look boring at all.

His pieces were edgy and all cohesive in his theme. He made use of tassles, drapes, overlaps with gusto making his set full of texture and details. He made use of white rosaries in all his designs and made them look like they were part of the whole piece. It is a wonder to watch how much detail and style was put into his collection. Add that to the massive beadworks on some his sets and he surely put audience in awe.

Bo's collection stresses that even whites can be overpowering and wonderful in itself. Overall, a marvel to watch/

Photo Credits: Yayay De Castro/Style Bible. Ph

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