Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The top 12 and a wildcard performed their solos today and there were pretty good performances. I still believe this year has the most talent in the guys division. Of the 13 guys, I have 7 guys that I really like. Here are the guys that I liked from audition to Hollywood week and up until now.

1. Phillip Phillips
Phillip to start with is a looker. He has a certain charm that makes me remind of Jason Mraz/James Morrison. And add to that he is really a good musician. It seems that music runs in his blood. He knows how to utilize that husky voice at the right times. His song choices are really good.

2. Colton Dixon
Colton is one of the male contestants who seems to be marketable easily. His current look and sound is something that most record labels would really die to have. Another thing I like about him is that he sings from his heart and you could see the emotions everytime he performs.

3. Heejun Han
I always like to see Idol contestants with Asian descent and Heejun is no exception. He is raw talent and is really fun to watch. He just needs to focus on his confidence and he can go a long way. He can surely melt a girl's heart with his melodies.

4. Reed Grimm
Reed is really interesting. That personality is just overflowing that it is infectious. Aside from that Reed is a good singer and a great performer. His renditions to songs are good and makes you think it is his original.

5. Deandre Brackensick
Deandre was one of the silent "dark horses" for this season. I am not sure how America will like his falsetto notes but those for sure are really high. He knows how to use them effortlessly like the way he did with "Reasons".

6. Jeremy Rosado
The cute and cuddly Jeremy seems so nice and all but we should never forget how sweet his voice is as well. His performances might seem safe to others but it's the chills that one could get when they hear his voice that makes him good.

7. Creighton Fraker
Different. Talented. Colorful. These are some words to describe Creighton. He is such an amazing person and a performer in his own right. 

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