Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The male stars of Hollywood were definitely on hot bunch. They have made headlines for their movies, TV, ads and even just for being plain and simply hot and gorgeous.

1. Daniel Radcliffe (Last Year: 8)
Daniel will surely be missed with his Harry Potter movies but he still busies himself with work in the theaters and of course new movies in 2012. One of which is "The Woman In Black" which is bound to scare all of us.

2. Tom Cruise (New Entry)
Tom has been in the biz for several years already but it turned out that 2011 would be one of his best. With the 4th installment of Mission Impossible destined to be his top-grossing film, he has showed audiences that he's back and ready to stay.

3. Chris Hemsworth (New Entry)
"Thor" made a good showing in the box-office and made Chris one of the names on the hot lists of every magazine and even fans. He will reprise the role when he joins hands with other heroes for "Avengers".

4. Taylor Lautner (Last Year: 2)
Hot bodied resident werewolf of course remained as scorching with the latest Twilight film - "Breaking Dawn: Part 1". Aside from that film, he tried the action genre via "Abduction" which had lukewarm reception. But still he's so sexy!

5. Chris Evans (New Entry)
Chris dons another superhero costume after "Human Torch". This time he's not only one of the heroes but the main hero as he takes "Captain America" to the movies. Like Thor, he will also re-appear as Steve Rogers in the new Avengers film slated this 2012.

6. Zac Efron (Last Year: 7)
Zac remains one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood. Even post- High School Musical, his star remains to shine above the others. He joins the ensemble "New Year's Eve" and was even People's No. 2 Most Beautiful.

7. Ryan Reynolds (Last Year: 9)
Last year, Ryan starred in a couple of movies in 2011. His comedy "The Change-up" was one of the good ones although did not attract much audiences. His "Green Lantern" was also received half-heartedly in the box-office. But man, he definitely has a body to die for.

8. Robert Pattinson (Last Year: 5)
Need I say more? Twilight's Edward Cullen sure made some waves in 2011 specially his hot scenes with Kristen Stewart on tha last installment of the favorite vampire movie "Twilight". And his relationship status with Kristen has been a constant tabloid headline.

9. Ryan Gosling (New Entry)
It's seems years ago when I get to like Ryan back on the young Hercules days in TV. And he has grown to be one fine man. 2011 saw him star in hits "Drive", Crazy, Stupid, Love" and the critical hit "The Ides of March". And man, he's not photo shoppes.

10. Johnny Depp (Last Year: 1)
Johnny starred in the new Pirates film and in the past that could have easily put him on tops spot. But with a story not so wonderful and a film that oftentimes get confusing, it was easily one of the disappointing sequels in 2011. Still it raked money worldwide showing Mr. Depp is still hot!

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