Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Another music legend and superstar has bid her last farewell to all of us. At a relatively young age of 48, Whitney Houston has passed away last February 11, 2012 much to the sadness of her legions of fans and the rest of the music industry.

There is I think no one that does not know Whitney. She has been an icon and a diva to a lot of brooding singers who tried to emulate her singing skills and wonderful stage presence. She was every new singer's dream and idol. Her songs were mirrors of greatness. She sang every beat with power and heart. She is Guinness' most awarded female act of all time. Throughout her career she has a total of 400 + awards which includes her 6 Grammys. She made several records in the span of her illustrious career and some of which are still standing even up to now. She is still the only artist to chart seven (7) consecutive No. 1 singles in Billboard.

I for myself have been singing her songs when I was a child joining some contests - Run To You and I Have Nothing are some of which. And it would be long if we list down all her wonderful hits but I do have personal favorites which I will state on a separate top 10 list. Her international appeal was more evident with some endearing songs like "The Greatest Love Of All", "One Moment In Time" and "I Will Always Love You" where she also successfully ventured into films via "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner.

One of the best voices ever to grace the music industry, Whitney has become inspiration to a number of great musicians and singers nowadays - Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks and a whole lot more. It was just a sad note that her career and personal life tumbled into something no one expected. She seemed destined for forever greatness but her struggles with relationship and her constant fight with drugs have taken a toll to the once invincible Houston.

But nevertheless, it is not the bad things that happened to her that she would be remembered. She would always be treasured for the songs that she sang, for the melodies she has given to us. To Whitney, may you find forever happiness on whatever place you may be in. Your music lives on. We will truly miss you.

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