Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Every day of our lives we encounter several things that shakes us but eventually shapes us as well. Times are challenging but it is the inner strength that keeps me fighting for another day or so. You may see me as the smiling person that I am but deep inside me are emotions and fears - the smiles only help to cover them up. I am strong in the outside but relatively fragile in the inside. I refused to break however and as each challenge push me to the edge, I try to cling on and keep on going.

I certainly have a strong belief that things would all pass. And that somewhere at the end of the road, a big rainbow is there to greet me wholeheartedly. As of now, I only have to hold on to that belief. I know one day things would be okay again and might be even better than it was before. What I have become in the past few years really helped me survive this grueling test called life. But hey, some may be experiencing more than what I have gone through. For that, I am thankful and would definitely won't stop believing...


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