Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Star Cinema is once again here to serve up wonderful movies and their Valentine;s Day offering was no different. "Unofficially Yours" stars 2 of the most sought after young stars of the generation; John Lloyd Cruz who has proven his box-office draw for several times already and the very beautiful Angel Locsin who has once again shown how good an actress she is.

"Unofficially Yours" tackles one glaring truth about relationships nowadays - the "complicated" status. What makes this film click is that it is easy to relate to and it shows what is currently happening. There are several relationships nowadays that fits into the category "unofficial" - like they are not but they really are. Why do people jump into those situations was discussed in the movie.

The film shows the simple yet brilliant acting of John Lloyd who plays Mackie, someone who is in love with a girl who seems afraid or uninterested to fall in love in return which is Angel's character Ces. While the plot seems to be founded with the same story as usual rom-coms are, what makes it once more different are the line, the wit, the fun and characters in the movie. The storyline might be normal to some standards but the way it was conveyed and relayed by the actors made it a brilliant film.

Cathy-Garcia Molina once more triumphed in this one, making her film still stand out despite it being another "no strings attached" movie. The sexy scenes which caused some stir to most people was also done carefully - sensual yet not tacky.

"Unofficially Yours" reminded me of the realities of loving. That sometimes people should take stabs at it and never mind the fear. Failing is part of falling in love. One will never know if it would be successful unless one would try it. It is a difficult truth but we all must live with that reality. This film is 4.5 out of 5 popcorns.

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