Sunday, September 12, 2010


One of the hottest topic in Philippine showbizland is the riff between Angelica Panganiban and Claudine Barretto.

What has happened in here? A lot of people was caught surprised with the barrage of words and accusations from Claudine regarding Angelica Panganiban. On her interviews with, she has accused Angelica of spreading rumors about her and a certain Martin Castro who is a close friend of Derek Ramsay (Angelica's beau) and Raymart Santiago (Claudine's hubby). On more interviews to her, she even said that she plans of sueing Angelica for spreading the false rumors. A lot of people were involved in the riff but it seems there's no stopping Claudine. Her harsh comments and even some statements with regards her bashing the face of Angelica has raised several eyebrows. Where is Angelica in the middle of all of this? Her silence was treated by others as a sign of being guilty. Johnny Manahan who is the head honcho of Star Magic also tried to stop the word war but Barretto just ignored it and even said not even Mr. M can stop her. Later, Mr. M issued his own statement as well - saying that we all know Angelica as someone who is feisty and all but she is never a liar.

Then came chapter 2. The harsh statements from Claudine from interviews and public appearances has finally irked Angelica's camp. Her lawyer issued a demand letter to Claudine citing grave threat as thier complain. And this time around the Panganiban camp has showed that their here to prove something. The lawyer even claimed that Gelai is innocent and at the end of it all, the people will know that it is not Claudine who is the victim but their client.

And just as you thought the drama stops there. Nope. A lethal blow that has turned things around was when Cris Castro, wife of Martin clarified all the stories from Claudine almost nullifying all her statements from the rant of Angelica upon arriving at their party, to the supposed noise and attention grabbing activities done by Gelai. She said that Angelica was quiet and was always with Derek during that time and she did not hear anything from her. She added that it was Claudine who was a talking a lot and trying to get attention during the gathering. One big revelation was when she said that Claudine is calling her husband 30 times a day. Her words somehow reflects her regret of knowing Claudine. (read more on

So now who's the real and who's the liar. The public still awaits the statement from Angelica but as for me, I believe that Angelica is innocent and that it is Claudine who has a problem. When will this drama end?

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