Thursday, August 5, 2010


Philippines Airlines once again grabbed headlines after a batch of their pilots refused to work causing delays and cancellations of some of their flights.

That caused an uproar to most of the passengers affected. Aside from the fact that they need to rebook for their flights which is hassle even if it would be given as free by PAL, they need to cancel or rebook hotel reservations from the destinations they are heading to. That means additional effort and money for the passengers.

The recent events were triggered by the decision of the PAL management to move some of its crew members to its sister company AIr Philippines. It would have been okay if the current salary and benefits of the employees are retained but based on reports there were considerable amount of cuts to be done to their compensation which caused the crew members to conduct the boycott.

Current situation at PAL is still normalizing as they are doing extensive flight changes to accomodate their flight schedules despite some of the crew members resigning and threating not to return. Officials from PAL said that if these employees don't return on time, they would be forced to file cases on them on the grounds of breach of their contracts.

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