Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Long lines. Long wait. But all the frustration and fatigue on my legs just went out the window once the show started. At an earlier post, I mentioned Jellybean's show as fun, colorful and great. But F&H was fierce, hot and really scorching. Sexy, sexy and sexy. All the models you see were just HOT. Temperatures really rise above expectations.

Model Chard Pangilinan
Photo Jr Sala
Model Hideo Muraoka
Photo Boyet Ocampo
Model Charlie Sutcliffe
Photo Jr Sala
Photo Yayay De Castro/Style Bible.Ph
Model Mark Whittington
Photo Jr Sala
Model Charles Ghareh
Photo Jr Sala
The guys really stole the show in the F&H event. The guys paraded with the F&H trademark briefs and boxers coupled with several pieces from their line. A lot of colors, accesories and combinations can be seen on their collection. Also, it is something to take note that most of the men's clothes shoudl look good to those with really great bodies. A lot of chest busting and body hugging sets coupled with tight fit jeans, shorts and slip-ons are all over the place. Prepare your biceps as well as most of the clothes would require you to show off those muscles.

Photo by Jr Sala
Opening the show is Anne Curtis and making the final walk was Angel Locsin. Missing on the ramp is Sam Milby who was said to have a concert overseas at the moment. Hideo Muraoka and the rest of the guys however ably filled up for him. The show was sizzling. I never mind the long wait because for sure this was the best so far of all the shows I have seen. F&H scorches.

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