Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Selma in red
I have been reading a lot of stuff and mingling with a bunch of people who have different interests. Some in fashion, the others in acting and modeling, some in the arts, a few from the music industry and a whole lot of things in between. In our daily lives we search and look for people, things, places and anything that could pique our interests and have a second look. And there are really some stuff that just makes you wonder and gaze in awe. This is the effect of these creations by one extraordinary individual Cholo Ayuyao.

Fraglle Collection
Most people and friends know Cholo as an amazing fashion accesory designer and yes he is indeed one. But what struck me most is when I first viewed his collection of dolls - carefully crafted and keenly brought to a different life. His designs and creations were stunning. The first dolls I've seen were his Dochine collection which saw his dolls transform into superheroines. All the details and design was simply exquisite. I personally loved Sirikit Verdadero the most. (see pic)

Plime Collection
Sirikit of Dochine Collection

Philippines in National Custome
But then he came out with more and more interesting designs - from National costumes, super villains and even guy dolls. And every single piece in his collection truly reflects how talented and wonderful he is as a person. His other outstanding collections include the Plime collection where in he focused with the colors plum and lime green as costumes for his dolls and his fresh Fraglle collection.

Cholo's dolls are an epitome of beauty and wonder. Hope to see them all in actual and I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy them. This is for Cholo and his dolls so the whole world could see such a brilliant mind embodied in such a nice and wonderful person. Enjoy the pics.

PHOTO CREDITS: Cholo Ayuyao's Facebook Pages
* All dolls are personal creations of Cholo Ayuyao.


  1. These are so nice. Are these dolls for sale? I'd love to have one of those. I am from Singapore and I would have to say these are wonderful

  2. My brother is indeed very talented!

  3. thanks for the visit. yes. he is. when i posted it in here, some people actually asked me if those are for sale... great stuff



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