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2011 saw some of the bigger franchise warfare i recent years. While it was generally a mixed bag for the sequels in the past year there were some which really left its mark. But nevertheless there were some notable non-franchise films that really upped the quality of movie-going in 2011. Here are the films I liked loved and truly remembered for the year that was 2011.

1. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2
And so the franchise finally ended but they will surely be remembered. The last entry to Harry Potter series has outdone every single movie in the franchise in terms of storyline, acting, effects, screenplay and just plainly everything there is. We were treated a one last look to the world of Harry. The drama was intense and the action sequences and fight scenes were riveting. This has the most emotions above all the Harry films. Truly a gem for 2011.

2. Fast Five
Arguably the best in the series of Fast and the Furious films. This movie also served as a springboard for yet another 2 Fast films. The gang is back with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster and they were joined by The Rock to give more action. There were great twists along the entirety of the film and yes the action sequences were all extra ordinary. The strong story base separated this film from the others making it more relatable and likeable. Can't wait for the 6th and the 7th.

3. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
After the mixed reviews of MI3 we never thought that a 4th installment would still be green lighted. But thank God it did as Ghost Protocol became one of the strongest film in the franchise. Aside from the action and suspense, this film is packed with suspense and focus on the characters. Intrigues and secrets are abound the movie as one is treated to a journey to different places while joining Ethan Hunt's squad towards to redemption.

4. The Help
One of the surprise hits of 2011 is "The Help". This compelling drama stars Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Bryce Dallas Howard. It gives us a very strong message of equality, humanity and togetherness. Never have I seen such a film with very strong performances. A moving film that touches one's heart and soul, "The Help" takes us to the reality - a place we sometimes tend to set off from. In that place, we see what's real, what's fabricated and what's good.

5. Limitless
2010 saw Inception as the best psychological thriller and for 2011 that throne belongs to Limitless. Bradley Cooper stars in this mind-boggling film as a writer who discovers a drug that bestowed him with super human abilities. Limitless was stimulating as it lets us explore and ask certain things that we might find unimaginable. But as we all are reminded, there is no immerse power that comes without a price.

 6. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
Bella and Edward's story continues and becomes more intimate and personal. This film packs with the most shocks and drama and is indeed the best so far in the series. What worked well with Breaking Dawn Part 1 is the wonderful musical score and sound effects that makes you feel that you are at that same moment - making the experience surreal.

7. The Tree of Life
One of the better dramas of 2011 is "The Tree of Life". The combination of Brad Pitt and Sean Penn is sure one of the acting wonders one could ever imagine. It is the travel of one person into the world of reality. It vividly shows how wonderful innocence is and how drastic one's life changes as he/she enters into a disillusioned world of the adult.

8. Midnight In Paris
One of the strongest romantic comedies of 2011, "Midnight In Paris" takes us to different places in France as we join one family as they transfer to the French capital. This Woody Allen directed picture surely takes a good take on the love affair between France and America. Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams played their roles and played them well.

9. Rise of The Planet of The Apes
Prequels generally don't ring much in the box office and even in the storylines. But Rise of The Planet of The Apes was sure an exception. There were a lot of things that worked well for this movie. It did not try to make the film a swashbucking and attacking masterpiece between apes and humasn but instead touched on some inner emotions that were established by the main characters. Aside from that the CGI technology used was just superb. It's as if the apes were really just beside the actors. The only weak point of this movie is the actor's (human) performances which were not really great.

10. X-Men: First Class
Another prequel worth noting is X-Men: First Class. This is the 5th in the X-men series but has proven to be one that has brains. Though some may argue that the fight sequences are a bit lacking, what the movie established is a strong story base which can be one notable of succeeding movies to come. Fresh faces did well on this film and for real some of the old cast's cameos were just hilarious.

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