Sunday, January 1, 2012


2011 saw our team in Shell experience so many changes and movements but nonetheless, all of these people have formed a big part of my 2011. Thanks for eveything and hope that what we have started as friends will continue in the years to come.

Fay, thanks for being so understanding. I have come to understand you more and all your efforts are appreciated. You are one strong lady and that keeps you above the rest of the pack. Thank you for being a part of my 2011.

Reuben, you are one of the most sincere and most kind guys I have met. Are you for real? Hehehe. Kidding aside, thanks for all the help and for all the smiles. Remain as good-hearted as you are. Those kind of people are getting extinct by the moment. :)

Soc, your energy is so infectious. I thank God that you are one of my teammates. Your presence in the room lightens up the mood. 2011 has been so good to you and hope that 2012 would remain that way.

Louie, pre we miss you. Your sheer innocence and naiveness is something that is uncomparable. If simplicity is what we're talking, you're on top of it. I would not forget the laughs I had with your bluntness. Happy year ahead.

Karen, you have taught me quite a lot and you have been a great help on all things. Generous and wonderful are few words to describe you. May your kind heart continue to touch people. Thanks for being in my 2011.

Joan, you have been one of truest people I've seen who can utterly say what she feels. A bubbly and funny person, indeed. You have been one of the few individuals who can make one bad day to a good one.

Sheila, partner! We have that kind of jive that can't be matched. Hahahha. But seriously, you are one of wittiest people that can deliver a punch line with ease. Great timing! Thanks for being nice.

Lhen, you have been the constant listener. You are one who is there during happy times but moreso during challenging moments. You are a true friend and a very good person. Good luck in your 2012.

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